Set up a quick and easy way to SSH onto any server

In this article you will learn how you can set up a quick and easy way to SSH onto any server without needing to remember the user or IP address.

How to Backup Linux Using dd Command Examples

Data loss will be costly. At the very least, critical data loss will have a financial impact on companies of all sizes. In some cases, it can cost your job. I’ve seen cases where sysadmins learned this in the hard way.

Linux SysAdm/DevOps Interview Questions

A collection of Linux SysAdm/DevOps interview questions with my answers

10 more essential Linux commands you need to know

I n this article, I explore commands that every system administrator should know for troubleshooting, general housekeeping, and daily activities that you must perform.

What are SSH keys for?

You create a pair of keys using ssh-keygen. These are plain text and can be cut and pasted , copied, as required. One is private (e.g. id_rsa), and you need to protect this as you would any other security artifact such as server passwords, and you can optionally
secure with a pass phrase. The other is public (, and you can share with anyone.

Monitoring Linux and Windows hosts with Glances

The Glances tool offers more information about system performance than other sysadmin monitoring tools.